RECOOP HST Association stand with our colleagues in Ukraine!

We need voyage of Sciences and Arts to express our admiration, solidarity, humanity and aid for our friends, physicians, and scientists in Ukraine.

Not Yet Enough

To desire good is not enough:
to want what’s good needed!
And to want it isn’t enough,
actions, deeds are needed!
Meaning well alone won’t do!
More is needed: - common sense!
What is the use of cold reason?!
More is needed: - sentiments!
Not just any sort of feeling,
but some wounds and passion
in the quest for why to live
and love and suffer and hope!
Not enough – for the World!
More is needed: - for the nation!
Not enough – for the Homeland!
More is needed: - for your people!
Not enough – for Justice!
- Fight for the justice of those
who’ve had their freedom long
but cannot yet see
that it’s not enough!
It’s not yet enough!

Mihaly Vaci Hungarian Poet

RECOOP Sciences & Arts Competition

In 2024 the RECOOP HST Association will have the Ninth Sciences and Arts Competition.

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RECOOP HST Association organized the first Art & Sciences Competition in Budapest, Hungary, in 2016. Inspired by the beauty of living organisms, RECOOP HST scientists submitted artworks depicting life at the molecular, subcellular or cellular level. Each year, the winning works of art created by scientists are displayed during the Bridges in Life Sciences Conference.

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Csaba Vladar


Csaba Vladar Painter and Graphic Artist, Art Director, Art Therapist (born 1962 in Budapest) Art is either a "minimal" Pantheist or Deist and the Transcendent of faith origin- or, as you can see, atheist-neutral works of nonsense - none. Style and tone: From lyrical and dramatic fortress, pantheistic philosophy, soul - attempts to interpret world and myth on the basis of colorism and abstract conservative realism. Motto: Pondering in the silence of his home, he sets circles of wisdom and thus reveals the secrets of the creative mind. It measures matter and strength, magnetic attraction and repulsion, sounds in the air, followed by light through ether. That's how he searches intimate law in this wonderful accident and a point of rest among the phenomena of the hellish existence. Friedrich Schiller: The Walk (detail)

by Csaba Vladar

Václav Girsa

Czech Republic

Václav Girsa (born in 1969, Prague) is a painter and musician. He graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague (professors Vladimír Skrepl and Jiří Kovanda) in 2007. He has organized and participated in many exhibitions in the Czech Republic and abroad, he has presented independently in the Wannieck Gallery in Brno (2010), the Moravian Gallery in Brno (2014), GAVU Cheb (2012 and 2022), in the SVIT Gallery in Prague (2019), but also in a number of off-space (NoD or Protopyp Gallery in Prague, Dole Gallery in Ostrava, Make Up in Košice, Autocenter in Berlin, etc.). Together with Václav Stratil, he exhibited at the Entrance Gallery in Prague (2013). He is also the composer and frontman in the hardcore group Střešovická kramle.

by Václav Girsa

Ken Flewellyn


I’m primarily a realist oil painter. The actual process of creating my paintings is intensive. A finished painting will normally have 100+ hours of work put into it. I’ve refined this process over years of painting. Even as I get faster, I find a way to reinvest that time into making a better product. I’m a bit of a perfectionist and slightly obsessed but I love it. They’re fun pieces to make.

by Ken Flewellyn